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Need to get a concrete floor leveled out? You have come to the right place.

We deliver high-quality service with our concrete floor leveling experts who are experienced in providing concrete floor leveling services to both residential and commercial buildings.

It’s important to make sure you have a perfectly level surface. If you are planning to lay down ceramic tiles or any other floor coverings, you want to ensure that the subfloor is nice and leveled so that you can lay down your tiles without any imperfections.

These imperfections can force tiles to stick out and can cause trips or cracking that decrease the life of your new tiles.

Delta Concrete Contractors Concrete Floor Leveling

With our concrete leveling service, we use a self-leveling compound which we mix with water in our Portamix Hippo Mega Mixer to create an even consistency and then pour over your floor surface.

Once it’s dry enough, we will then go over and smooth out any imperfections. This is ideal for smoothing out concrete floors and filling in small dips and cracks upon the surface as it is fast to implement and is reasonably priced.

Imagine coming back home or into your workplace to a nice and smooth concrete floor free from cracks, dips, and imperfections.

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When you hire Delta Concrete Contractors for concrete floor leveling, leveling for vinyl, vinyl plank, and timber floors, you will be removing problems from damage that has been done to your subfloor this can be from anything such as water damage, dropping heavy items on the floor or damaged caused by the removal of floor coverings.

At Delta Concrete Contractors, we are quick when it comes to completing projects and aim to leave an as little footprint on your day as possible.

We will also clean up all rubbish and any mess we have created during the job so that you can relax and not have to stress about disposing of any waste or cleaning up after we have finished.

Our Concrete Floor Leveling Services include:

  • Timber floor leveling
  • Vinyl plank leveling
  • Leveling for vinyl
  • Leveling out uneven, hazardous surfaces
  • Leveling out concrete driveways

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Why choose Delta Concrete Contractors as your concrete floor leveling contractor?

Delta Concrete Contractors is a Delta-based concrete contractors’ company. We specialize in residential and commercial floor renovations. We provide concrete floor leveling services to delta, BC. We are one of the most trusted construction contractors for your concrete repair and installation needs.

At Delta Concrete Contractors, we pride ourselves on the quality of our work, whether on residential or commercial projects. That is why our clients have made us the #1 Concrete contractors in Delta, BC.

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